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I am not only a colleague, but also a tax preparer with a specialty in the Arts & Entertainment Industry. I began working as a child performing odd jobs in my mother's tax office, working my way from "Office Cleaning Lady" at 10 years old to typing and packaging finished returns by age 14. I worked in my mom's office every Tax Season, even during 5 years living in Italy, until with home obligations the yearly commute from Washington to Massachusetts for several months became too difficult. It was then in 2000 that I found employment as a Preparer in an office here in Washington State under an Enrolled Agent with 30+ years experience. I had a great opportunity in that office to handle a plethora of tax situations and took on every challenging return I could.

In 2002, I decided to strike it on my own and start my own tax business. I found that I had a talent with business returns and especially enjoyed the challenge that writers, entertainers, artists and musicians presented me. I have to say that the return of an Independent Film Director was what made me decide to carve out a specialty in Arts and Entertainment. I too am a creative-type, and am able to look at a return from different paradigms which makes me just the right preparer for many individuals and small businesses alike.

To keep abreast of the constantly changing tax laws and regulations, I attend many types of seminars and tax classes throughout the year. I also have great resources in the realm of tax law as well as a Licensed Investment Advisor if you have the need.

I am a Golden Rule business person - I treat others the way I wish to be treated. Therefore, unlike many preparers that take your information and mysteriously return a finished package to you, I help you understand the basic workings of your return, like your car, so that you will know of what to keep in mind in the future. I choose to not tread in gray areas and will only use that which I feel will not be challenged by the IRS. Of course, if you prefer the exchange of information for a mysteriously prepared return, I will accommodate.

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