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I have been consolidating and re-organizing information on this site. Check out the new Tax Resources page.

Tax Domme will be attending and speaking at the 2013 Desiree Alliance Conference with Davis of Sexquire. Come add your voice to the discussion Wed. July 17th at 4-6p in room 6!

I will be happily signing my book for those that have them. For those that would like to purchase one, I will bring a handful (cash only). I will also bring signed bookplates for those that do not have my book at the ready. I will not have a booth, so you will need to pin me down in the crowd or after the discussion on Wed.

If you would like to schedule a time to speak to me in Vegas, please contact me in advance by e-mail.

I look forward to seeing you there!

No more PayPal Fees:
I have dispelled with charging you the PayPal fees that I am charged. Starting May 17th, all credit card, debit card, PayPal and Bill Me Later transactions will not incur a charge on the client end.

Welcome to 2013! Here are the updates & reminders for the new year:

My book is now available for purchase!

  • 2013 filing (e-file or paper file) does not begin until January 30th. Due to IRS rules, no tax return can be e-filed until the taxpayer has received all of their expected tax forms (w-2, 1099 etc). Therefore, I cannot e-file your return until I receive all of the forms that you expect to get. Issuers of these forms have until January 31st to mail them, therefore you may not receive them until February. I can, however, prepare your tax return and ready it for filing. The earlier you get your information to me, the better.

  • Corporations must file by March 15th, 2013.

  • In 2012 Tax Domme has had the great fortune to meet Davis and become part of her Sexquire network of business services for both Adult and non-Adult Industry businesses.

  • Updated Terms & Conditions

  • Updated retainer fees

  • No work will begin until all organizers are filled out completely.

  • In addition to e-mail, fax and post, I am now able to accept digitally signed e-file forms and other documents.

  • Some clients may receive additional worksheets to fill out depending on their tax situation. If you receive on of these, its completion will be required for work to finish.

  • When sending postal mail, my address must be exactly as I have written it, or there will be delivery failure and your mail will be returned to you. Online programs sometimes switch the address lines that lead to this problem.


The extension filing deadline is 10/15/12. Avoid a late filing penalty and file today! Tax Domme is currently taking current and new clients.

Tax Domme attends Las Vegas IRS Tax Forum 2011

I have again attended the IRS Tax Forum in Las Vegas to get the scoop on the latest IRS news and information. There have been a lot of changes internally at the IRS thus resulting in changes for tax preparers and tax payers. I will be updating my blog shortly with the information that I think that you should know.


Change abounds at Tax Domme!

I have been implementing a lot of changes to my website and services this year. More positive changes will be implemented in 2012. Please refer to the list below for current and near-future changes.
  • I am now offering the ability to pay me with credit and debit cards in addition to PayPal and checks. Please go to the Payments page to make an online payment via credit and debit card or with PayPal.

  • As my website is growing, I have replaced the sidebar links with dropdown menus at the top of each page for navigational ease.

  • Soon there will be a better organization of resources in the links section. Stay tuned!

  • All tax returns (all types) will be e-filed per new IRS regulations. (Payments may still be mailed)

  • E-filing with the Tax Domme is now FREE (with tax preparation) thanks to a change in tax software!

  • All information and client tax forms (eg. W-2s, 1099s) may now be e-mailed or faxed, saving you postal cost! US Post is still accepted.

  • Client copies will no longer be mailed by US Post unless requested with postage fees applying. All client copies will continue to be e-mailed, also saving you postal cost!

  • Tax Domme will be offering self-serve tax preparation for those who desire it through her website beginning January 2012. Stay tuned!

  • Currently, I have ceased renting my downtown Seattle offices due to the low number of client visits. It seems that most people prefer to do business remotely these days. If interest in face-to-face meetings increases, I will be happy to reinstate meetings at my offices again. For the moment, face-to-face meetings can be arranged at other locations.
Tax Domme has new office locations in Downtown Seattle

I have new Downtown Seattle office locations for my local clients and those clients visiting or passing through. You can meet with me and drop off information, interview or pick up your finished tax returns. My offices are located in the business/financial district and are easy to access by car, bus or taxicab. Once you are an established client, you can make an appointment and I will let you know which office I will be located in for that day.

Come visit the Tax Domme's new BLOG!

Tax Domme Hoping to Hit the Jackpot with Tax Updates!

Sure, The Tax Domme enjoys a game of chance every now and then, but not in the realm of tax law! This is why I am yet a again attending the IRS Tax Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada this year.

These Tax Forums offer seminars with the latest word from the IRS leadership and experts in the fields of tax law, compliance and ethics as well as industry leaders who speak on topics that will directly affect myself and my clients. I might play a little Blackjack too.

The Internet Escort's Handbook series by Amanda Brooks

"Written by an escort for escorts, this series offers a realistic look into a job rarely mentioned except in scandalous terms. It doesn't have to steeped in shame, nor must it be demeaning to either party. Safe, sane, successful escort work is possible."

I've had the pleasure of meeting her and attending one of her seminars. I can honestly say that she is a very intelligent, knowledgeable and savvy lady! Alot to be learned by both escorts and non-escorts alike!

Tax Domme is happy to announce the additional investment services of The Financial Madam! Find out more about her on her webpage here on TD.

Tax Domme has been in the press and media. Her husband finally convinced her to share a few of them here. You can find articles and radio interviews on the Press/Media page.

Tax Domme Pro-Active For Taxpayer Rights!

The Tax Domme was very happy to have been a contributor in regard to the issues faced by the Adult Industry to the IRS Research Conference Paper Obstacles to Voluntary Compliance from the Taxpayer's Perspective.

This paper was presented by NSTP's Executive Director June 13, 2007 at the IRS Research Conference at Georgetown School of Law in Washington DC.

NSTP is the only professional tax organization ever accepted to present at this conference.

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