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Tax Domme Fees:

I am a business person who follows the Golden Rule. I treat others as I would like to be treated and I only charge that which I would honestly myself pay.

I charge by the form unless there are very unusual circumstances that require a lot of extra time. My rates have been carefully calculated to be fair all around and to keep with the costs of business maintenance. You will find that they are comparable to most major tax companies. The advantage you have with me over the major tax companies is that I provide year-round personal service as well as a wicked sense of humor.

  • The average personal 1040 (no business income) return with a state return usually runs about $300.

  • The average business return (non-incorporated) with a state return usually runs between $500-$550.

  • Corporate/Partnership returns with a state start at $600.

  • My consultation-only fee is $100 per hour with a 1 hr minimum.

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting - two options: I perform bookkeeping for tax clients only. My fee is $100/hr. with a 3 hour minimum. As bookkeeping is very time consuming, it is something I only do in the off-season.

    I recommend highly the services of Susan Ashe of MobileAccountantAZ. She is Adult Industry friendly and knowledgeable, a Full Charge Accountant with a Bachelors Degree in Accountancy and Business Administration. Additionally she is an Intuit ProAdvisor and also a Certified Member of American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. She offers Remote and Cloud Based Filing available at no charge, services all 50 states, charges very reasonable rates and like myself, is Golden Rule and available year-round.

  • For those clients that come to me with their income/expenses in a disorganized manner (not categorized), an additional bookkeeping fee of $100/per hour 3 hour minimum will be added to the final return amount. I send a Client Homework sheet to assist in organizing your material after the initial client consult┬╣ and prior to tax return preparation, so this charge is usually not necessary.

  • My sense of humor, priceless.

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