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Logistics (how this whole thing works):

  1. You contact me initially by e-mail (not phone). A phone or Skype appointment may be set up for a later date after retainer is paid. I do enjoy talking to clients!

  2. I e-mail to you my new client standard e-mail that outlines my services, fees and Engagement Letter.

  3. You pay the applicable retainer.

  4. I e-mail to you the links to the online, fill-in applicable organizers. A copy is automatically sent to me.

  5. You send to me copies of tax documents, spreadsheets, an initialed/signed Engagement Letter and all applicable copies of photo IDs and Social Security cards.

  6. I wield my magic.

  7. I e-mail to you the results of your tax return/s, tax payment/refund options. I mail my invoice via PayPal.

  8. You pay your invoice in full. (clearing of checks is required before taxes are e-filed or mailed, if applicable)

  9. I e-mail to you your copies of your returns and the applicable e-file forms that you digitally sign. A copy is automatically sent to me.

  10. I e-file your return/s with the IRS and state, if applicable.

  11. I e-mail you when your returns are accepted.

  12. We each put our feet up with a cocktail (or beverage of your choice) and wait to do it all again the following year.

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