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I began receiving interview requests since 2007 and have thus given a number of them. For the sake of avoiding repetition and bandwith size, I have decided to share a few select interviews with you. Please know that radio interviews are difficult because you have no idea what will be asked of you and are therefore, "on the spot". Fun, but very intimidating!

Written Articles

Yahoo! News (2015)(PDF): Meet the Tax Pros Helping Sex Workers

AOL News (2010): One Tax Prepare Doubles As A Sex Worker The Other Does Psychic Work (My story follows the psychic's)

Flash News (2007): Tax Domme Is A Hit With Adult Entertainers

The Naughty American (PDF): Tax Domme Helps Sex Workers Beat IRS

Radio interviews

WAMY Molson & Lee Show:

  • WOCM 98.1 Ocean 98
  • KJ 108 Rock: The Rude Awakening Show with Bulldog
  • WAQY Rock 102
  • CJAD 800 AM: Holder Tonight (Montreal)
  • KQRC 98.9 Rock: Jonny & Kari
  • WRKR 107.7: Mike and Diane

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