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It poses no problem for me to prepare taxes long-distance. My happy clients are all over the U.S., Canada and Europe. I am able to prepare state tax returns for all states that require them, including corporate returns.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Authorized IRS e-file Provider
  • International & Non-resident US tax returns (US citizens living in other countries)
  • Resident & Non-resident alien tax returns (aliens living in the US)
  • Federal returns (Individual & Business)
  • State returns (Individual & Business)
  • Corporate returns/Extensions (Federal & State Due March 15th)
  • Federal & State Estimate Payments (figuring & preparation)
  • Federal & State Extensions
  • Preparation of past year tax returns as far back as needed (You know who you are and it's ok)
  • Quarterly estimated tax payments (clients only)
  • Help understanding your IRS letters (clients only)
  • Help setting up IRS payment plans (clients only)
  • Help setting up IRS Offers in Compromise (Know that even with help, this generally has a very low acceptance rate)(clients only)

  • Tax planning (clients only)
  • Business organization
  • Business start-up consultation package
If there is something you need that is not stated here, please ask me about it!

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