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Reuters/New York Times/Nasdaq (2020) Sex and taxes: A Seattle tax preparer is intimate with both

Huffington Post (2020) Seattle Woman Makes Tax Season Less Taxing For Sex Workers

Business Insider (2020) Meet the 'Tax Domme,' the sex worker who prepares other sex worker's income taxes

Vice (2018) Exotic Dancers Do Their Taxes a Little Differently Than You

Tits and Sass (2017) It's a Good Idea to File Your Taxes

Vocative (2016) You're a Sex Worker - How Do You Pay Your Taxes? (2016) Working girls turn to technology for tax help

Yahoo! News (2015) Meet the Tax Pros Helping Sex Workers

Going Concern (2011) Confirmed: There is a Shortage of Good Accountants in the Sex Industry

AOL News (2010) One Tax Prepare Doubles As A Sex Worker The Other Does Psychic Work (My story follows the psychic's)

Fleshbot (2008) Itemize Those Deductions, Maggot!

The Naughty American (2008) Tax Domme Helps Sex Workers Beat IRS

Flash News! (2007) Tax Domme Is A Hit With Adult Entertainers

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